How to Enroll

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OCG accepts new student enrollments all year round. We hold classes throughout the year. But because our curriculum is a unit-based one, your child can enter a class at any time during the year.

To enroll, simply come to the school any Saturday morning when we are in session and come to the registration desk. Visit our Contact Page for our directions and registration contact information. 

Tuition: Student Fees (Mikan Club through High School)

Our basic student fee is $1,200 per student per year.

As a courtesy to our families we divide your total into 10 payments. Payments will be collected 5 times in the Summer/Fall semester (August through December) and 5 times in the Winter/Spring semester (January through May).

As part of the Student Fee, all students will receive a yearbook, and new students will be given an OCG t-shirt. If your student outgrows their shirt, you may replace it once per year.


New Student Registration Fee

New students pay a one-time New Student Registration fee of $100 per student ($50 if you register during our Open House.)


Multiple Student Discount

We offer discounts if you have more than one child in any of our classes:


  • 1 child: $1200 per year
  • 2 children: $2050 per year
  • 3 children: $2850 per year
  • 4 children: $3550 per year
Payment Methods

Our default method of payment is by ACH, withdrawn at the beginning of the month. Please make sure our PA Treasurers have your up-to-date information.

You may also use a credit card to pay for an entire semester on a prepaid basis. Payments will be due at the beginning of the semester, in August and January. Come to the Treasurer’s office and we will take your payment via our credit card reader. We will not keep any of your credit card information.


School Management Fee

The School Management Fee pays for our school rent and insurance. The fee is $300 per family per year ($150 for a single-parent family).

All continuing families are assessed this fee in September of each year. (Families who join us after the new school year begins in July are exempt their first year.)

Families may work off all or part of this fee by participating in our annual fundraiser, the Food Fair, which is held every year during Labor Day in early September.


Committee Responsibility

All families are expected to participate in one of our committees. Please see the Parent Responsibilities page for details on each committee.

In order to keep our Student Fee as low as possible, we rely on the active participation of all of our parents. However, if you cannot participate, you may pay a fee of $500 per year ($250 for a single-parent-household) to exempt yourself from Committee duty.

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