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Our Mission Statement

We at Orange Coast Gakuen are committed to teaching Japanese to all children, regardless of background and level of Japanese. We strive to integrate instruction in language and culture in an enjoyable and nurturing environment.

About Orange Coast Gakuen

In 2015 Orange Coast Gakuen celebrates our 40th year in existence and 5th year as an independent school. Since becoming independent in 2010 we have instituted a new and effective curriculum. Thanks to the combined efforts of our teachers and curriculum advisors, we have at the forefornt of Japanese language teaching in the region.

OCG is one of the oldest and largest Japanese language schools in Orange County. Our students range from kindergarten through Senior High School. We teach students from all backgrounds and prior exposure to the Japanese language.

We hold classes on Saturday mornings in south Huntington Beach. The majority of our families live in Irvine, Huntington Beach, and south Orange County.

OCG is a parent-run school. Our Parents Association arranges cultural events throughout the school year, and is active in raising funds for the operation of the school.

OCG Headlines

** OCG Receives Grant from the Japan Foundation

OCG thanks the Japan Foundation for giving OCG a Teaching Materials Purchase Grant. We asked for library books for our older students, and we received their maximum award amount. This is our second Materials Purchase grant from the Japan Foundation.

• December 20, 2014: OCG Teachers Training Workshop

On Saturday, December 20, nearly all of our teachers attended an all-day training workshop, led by our three Long Beach advisors. The workshop covered teaching objectives and learning outcomes, training on National Language Training Content Standards, and hands-on activities in desiging lesson plans. The teachers thank the PA and Board for its financial support, including a very nice lunch!

OCG is incredibly lucky to have our three Long Beach advisors, Professors Kataoka, Douglas, and Chinen, and our Curriculum Advisor, Iwami sensei. Their knowledge and expertise, and willingness to continue to train our teachers, has helped OCG create a unified teaching approach with a comprehensive set of teaching materials.

• November 15, 2014: Goodwill Fundraising Drive

OCG thanks everyone for all of the goods that were donated to Goodwill !  We had a very good turnout of current families, alumnae, and others, and filled more containers than we had hoped to.  A great chance to clean out our closets, and all for a good cause.

A special thanks to Kyoko H. for arranging for the use of a truck last week, and for Jeff for doing all of the driving.  Very much appreciated !

• OCG's New Curriculum

After becoming an independent school, OCG has been fortunate to enter into an agreement with three nationally-known experts on Japanese pedagogy from Cal State Long Beach.  

These advisors, Hiroko Kataoka, Masako Douglas, and Kiyomi Chinen, are leading innovators in designing teaching methods and materials for Japanese learners from all backgrounds and at all levels.  They have remade our curriculum and teaching approach, and are providing direct training for all of our teachers.  They are providing exactly what we need to take OCG to the next level.  For more information, take a look at our Curriculum page.

Our Students

For New Families

OCG has developed an innovative and more effective curriculum for teaching the Japanese language.

  • Saturday morning classes, 8:45 am to 12:30 pm, in Huntington Beach
  • Basic monthly cost: $65 plus $15 PA fee
  • Regular Classes for students 3-years old through High School
  • Language classes for adults
  • Cultural classes in flower arranging and calligraphy

Our Curriculum

OCG has classes that are suitable for children of all backgrounds in the Japanese language. We divide our classes into two tracks, one for near-fluent speakers and the other for those with less exposure to Japanese. Students in both tracks cover all of the core language skills.

Our curriculum is theme-based and content-driven, with lessons constructed around topics that students find interesting. The approach is interactive and FUN. Our goal is for our students to want to continue to study Japanese, hopefully for a lifetime.

For full details on our classes, instruction methods, and more, click on our Curriculum page.

The curriculum also includes numerous cultural events, which gives our children a well-rounded education. (See our Events page)

OCG is a parent-run school. We rely on parents volunteering a small amount of time. See the Parents' Role page.

If you are ready to enroll, go to the Enroll page.

Class Schedule (*New in Fall 2014)

1st Period:       8:45 –   9:40 am
2nd Period:      9:45 – 10:30 am
3rd Period:     10:50 – 11:40 am
4th Period:     11:45 – 12:30 pm

School Address

21141 Strathmoor Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Click here for a map


Mikan Club for pre-schoolers

OCG now has a class for pre-school children.  In the Mikan club children learn simple Japanese through songs, puppets, story time, crafts, and learning colors and shapes, simple kanji and hiragana.  Mikan Club children also participate in the School’s Cultural events.

The Mikan Club meets Saturday mornings, 9:00 am to 11:30 am.  This class is for 3 and 4-year olds who are already toilet trained. Tuition of $70 per month per child ($50 per month If the child has a sibling already enrolled at OCG). Space limited.

• OCG Japanese Courses for Adults

Our Adult Japanese courses are currently held in 15-week sessions. All classes meet on Saturday mornings for one and a half hours. The intermediate class starts at 9 am and the beginning course starts at 11:00. (Classes for more advanced students may also be arranged.)

Classes are open to any adult, even if you do not have a child at OCG. Cost is $225 for the 15-week session for parents with children enrolled in OCG, and $300 for those without children at OCG. For more details, see our curriculum page.

• OCG also teaches Oshūji and Ikebana

OCG also teach two culture-related classes. One is our long-time course on oshūji, or Japanese brush calligraphy. This popular course is taught by our veteran teacher Tajima sensei. The class is held for an hour after class, and is open only to children already enrolled at OCG. For more information, see our curriculum page.

The other class is on the art of flower arranging (ikebana), held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month. Starting in January 2015 we now have afterschool classes for OCG students, from 12:45. The class is open to adults, who practice from 9 to 11 am. This class is taught by Ogawa sensei, who has achieved the highest rank in the Ikenobo school. She is assisted by long-time OCG member, Gibo sensei., For more information, please refer to the test curriculum page.

If you have any questions, e-mail us at orangecoastgakuen@gmail.com.

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Recent Events

• October 31, 2015: Okashiyashiki

OCG held its emi-annual okashi-yashiki (a pun on the Japanese word for candy (okashi) “haunted house,” obake-yashiki).  Students formed into teams and then sold donated candy.  Students worked with each other to plan what to sell, how much to charge, how to advertise their store, and how to figure out what profit was made, etc.  In the process, the groups used and improved their Japanese language skills in a fun and interactive manner. 

• October 10, 2015: UNDOUKAI (Sports Festival)

• Sunday, September 20: 40th Anniversary Celebration

On Sunday, September 20, we held a very entertaining party celebrating our 40th year as a school, and our 5th as an independent school. We were joined by well over 100 guests, alumni, teachers, and current parents. OCG thanks everyone for the effort in making the celebration a success.

For photos and more from the celebration, take a look at our Facebook feed, below !

• February 14, 2015: CAJLS Teacher Training

Every February all OCG teachers attend an all-day training workshop held by the California Association of Japanese Language Schools (CAJLS).

This year's workshop was led entirely by OCG personnel: our three advisors, Hiroko Kataoka, Masako Douglas, and Kiyomi Chinen were the main speakers, and two OCG teachers, Kato sensei and Uriu sensei, demonstrated some of the classroom techniques they have been using. Our Academic Counselor, Sachiko Iwami, led one of the afternoon small group sessions, in addition to our three advisors.

Also, ALL current OCG teachers and teachers-in-training attended the workshop. Our people made up nearly 1/4 of all the attendees at the conference.

OCG takes teacher training very seriously. We are also incredibly fortunate to have our three advisors with us every week to continue guiding and instructing our teachers.

• January 17, 2015: Mochitsuki

On Saturday OCG held our annual Mochitsuki, an old Japanese New Year's tradition. OCG students get the chance to use the traditional mallet (kine) to pound the steamed rice, and then get to make their own rice cakes, or mochi.

Everyone then had the chance to try different ways of eating mochi.This year students from the upper grades conducted a poll, asking people how they best liked to eat mochi.

This year we began our event with a flower arranging demonstration by our instructor, Sumiyo Ogawa. She talked about the meanings of some special New Year's Flowers. Ogawa sensei was assisted by Gibo sensei, and the other members of the adult flower class.

• December 13, 2014: Speech Taikai

On the last day of the fall semester OCG held a schoolwide Speech Taikai, or Speech Presentation. The event began with a welcome song from our youngest members, the Mikan Club. After that 140 of our regular students gave a short prepared speech, ranging from self introductions and introducing family, to talking about hobbies, student impressions of our Fall events, and an introduction to the cultures of different countries.

The event also included a visit from Santa and a pizza party that all enjoyed.

That evening a very fun group of parents and teachers gathered at Chair Bob Uriu's house for our annual Christmas party. The evening was finished off with a karaoke session.

• November 8, 2014: Harvest Festival / Bunkasai

Our semi-annual Shukakusai or Harvest Festival is part of our curriculum, allowing students to cooperate to set up different stores, decide on how to advertise and sell, all in Japanese. This year the elementary school students created have four different stores, selling fruits, flowers, bread, and produce.

The High School students organized a Bunkasai, or Cultural Festival, selling handcrafted items and other art/cultural items, as well as a restaurant. We had a great turnout this year, and all of the students seem to have enjoyed themselves.

October 4, 2014: Undoukai (Sports Festival)

On Saturday, Octboer 4, OCG held its annual Sports Festival. The Undoukai committee prepared an enjoyable event, with students participating in the tama-ire, 3-legged race, senbei eating race, tug-of-war, a relay race, and more. Our youngest students from the Mikan Club as well as teachers and parents also participated this year!.

Take a look at a short Undoukai promo video made by Shoko Araki.

September 20, 2014: Semi-annual Fire Drill.

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month, and OCG takes school and student safety very seriously. In addition to our Fire Drill, held each September, we practice an Earthquake drill in the Spring. Thanks to our Safety Committee for taking your responsibilities as seriously as you do.

• August 2014: Orange International Street Fair

OCG had another successful Food Fair fundraiser. We thank all of the families, students, and alumnae who came out to support the school !!

Our special thanks to Japan Food Corporation (JFC), Kikkoman, Ajinomoto, Maeda-en, Mitsuwa, and Marukai for their generous donations.

Click here for our EVENTS page to read about our regular events and browse thousands of photos and videos.

For a list of other archived events, plus photos, click here.

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