Committee Descriptions

OCG is a parent-run school and requires all families to participate in one of our committees. The Parents Association and Committees helps to govern and administer all aspects of the school, from events to budgets to curriculum matters. Families that do not fulfill committee requirements will be assessed a $500 Committee Opt-Out Fee per year ($250 for single-parent families).

Families will be matched to committees at the beginning of each school year based on family preference as well as committee needs. Families new to OCG often participate in the Events Committee, which helps introduce students to aspects of Japanese culture (e.g. festivals, field days, holidays), or the Safety Committee, which helps with school security, traffic, first aid, etc. OCG appreciates the help of individuals with special skills such as translation experience or IT/website/social media expertise, and would like to match such skills to committees whenever possible.


The PA is also active in raising funds needed to operate the school. Our sole fund-raising activity each year is the Orange International Food Fair, held during Labor Day weekend. Parents can use the hours they work at the Food Fair to defray some or all of their School Management Fee. We encourage you, however, to come out to lend us a hand!

This committee will prepare for and conduct all OCG events.   Members will coordinate event matters with teachers and officers.  “Cultural Events” include: the summer festivals, Undoukai, Hinamatsuri, and others.  “Ceremonies” include: opening and closing of the school year, Speech Contest, Gakushuu Happyoukai, General Meeting.  Members in this committee will also sign up for duties in at least two specific events within this committee.

The purpose of this committee is to oversee school security while class is in session.  The group will also help establish safety-related policy and rules and will advise the officers and Board on all safety- and insurance-related matters.  Currently, this committee is engaged in a writing a comprehensive emergency disaster plan

This committee is responsible for enrolling new students. They are also responsible for providing school information (administrative and curriculum) to new families and submitting new student paperwork to Accounting for processing.

Each family must commit at least once or twice a week to sit at the Registration Committee table near the entrance of the school and be available to answer questions to families that walk in or scheduled to tour.

This committee promotes communications of OCG’s activities to our families as well as to potential new students in the community. Sub-committees include newsletter, website, social media, photography, graphics, and translation. Some work for this committee can be done from home.

This group will work with the teachers in gathering curriculum-related materials for classroom use.  Another function will include running the school’s lending library. Committee members must be able to read and speak Japanese.

This committee is responsible for overseeing all fundraising activities throughout the school year including the annual City of Orange International Food Fair which is the largest fundraising event for OCG.