OCG PA, Teachers, and Board
Parents making dango for Hinamatsuri

The OCG Governance Structure

Since becoming independent in 2010, Orange Coast Gakuen has been administered by a three-part Board that includes representatives of our teachers, parents (the Parents Association), and elected Trustees.

We have no Principal or single decision maker.  Rather, the Board takes into account the interests of all school members when making its decisions.  The Board has remained focused on its mission of creating a curriculum and school environment that encourages the study of Japanese.

In order to keep our administrative expenses low, OCG relies on its elected Trustees and PA officers serving on a voluntary basis.

Parents' Association

Orange Coast Gakuen was established some thirty five years ago by Japanese immigrants and their descendants as a place where their children could learn about the Japanese language and culture. Our school has changed since then just as the world has changed: today our 100 plus students come from varied backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities. Our students and their families are united in their desire to learn the Japanese language.

OCG is run and operated by an active Parents Association (PA). The PA organizes various events and engages in fundraising activities, including participating in the annual Orange International Street Fair. The money that we earn is used to pay for the school’s monthly rent and other expenses.

The Board of Trustees

The OCG Board is ultimately responsible for all decisions related to financial matters, personnel, and anything that affects the school. The Board consists of representatives of the Parents Association (PA President and Treasurer) and the Teachers (Chief Instructor and Assistant Chief Instructor), plus six elected OCG Trustees.

The six OCG Trustees are chosen by the OCG parents to serve two-year terms.  Nominees are identified in the Spring and the vote is held at our Annual General Meeting in June.  Anyone who has served as a past PA officer at OCG is eligible to run for the Board.

Working Together in Committees

OCG’s success depends on the active participation of all of our parents. All families are therefore expected to participate in one of our committees. These committees manage everything from registering new students and communicating about OCG’s activities, to coordinating cultural events or ensuring the safety of our students during school hours. Learn more about our committees on our Parent Responsibilities page.

Current PA Officers

Danny Fukumoto
PA President
Naeko Karst
PA Officer Advisor
David Fujii
PA Vice President
Karen Uyehara
PA Vice President
Yoshikata Katayama
PA Vice President
Rie Strong
Head Treasurer
George Mayo
PA Vice President
Naoko Fu
PA Vice President
Nagisa Aoki-Kilgore
PA Vice President
Lisa Yamagata
PA Secretary

Board of Trustees

Board Advisors