Orange International Street Fair

Volunteers at the Orange Intl Food Fair

Among the major fundraising events OCG holds throughout the year, the Orange International Street Fair is where the parents, students, and faculty of OCG can come together and make a difference. Each year, the Orange International Street Fair brings in about 800,000 attendees and gives the locals a chance to experience a variety of food and culture from around the world.

For 3 decades, OCG has participated and left its mark as one of the highlights of the event. Year after year, the teriyaki beef continues to be a hit seller, and with its sweet aroma brings in hungry guests non-stop. This year, about 15,000 beef skewers were prepared and marinated in 60 gallons of Bob’s special teriyaki sauce. Every bite was full of flavor and the meat was so tender it barely needed to be chewed. It was no wonder why there was always a line of at least 15 people waiting patiently to get their hands on these freshly cooked teriyaki beef skewers.

Inside the OCG booth, everyone was at their stations working diligently to keep up with the high demand. But even while taking their own tasks seriously, everyone was still having a good time. As Ocean (OCG student) put it, “the best part of the event was working with friends and getting to know people.”

At the end of the day, this event raises a lot of money for OCG to help pay for rent and other necessities and is heavily relied on to bring the cost burden down for students’ families. The energy that all the participants contribute into the event not only pays off by the massive fundraising outcome, but the community also gets a better sense of who we are and has a deeper appreciation of the Japanese culture.

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