Speech contest

OCG Speech Contest group photo

OCG’s annual Speech Contest was held March 30th at school. The kindergarten, 2nd, 4th, and 6thgrades, along with Junior High and High School students, made speeches on stage. The themes of the speech changed depending on the students’ grade level. Themes included students’ favorite season, the experiment they liked, their favorite room at school, their treasures, and their dreams.

Ethan Chu, a student from the JFL High School class, talked about a movie that he shot about his one-month experience in Japan. In the speech, Ethan said his movie was invited to five different movie festivals. Ethan stated that he is very busy with school, but he really wants to continue to advance his Japanese skills. 

Professor Akiko Douglas mentioned that positive comments from parents really encourage students to advance their Japanese language skills. She also said that all the students looked extremely happy when they saw their parents listening to their speeches.

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