Shukakusai (Harvest Festival)

Flower booth at Shukakusai

The harvest festival was fully stocked for a marketplace of selling and buying on Saturday, November 10, 2018. Students from fifth grade to high school levels practiced their entrepreneurial skills at a green grocery, fruit store, florist, bakery, homemade craft stand, and a bento (lunch box) purveyor.

The younger grades eagerly lined up to buy and bargain for treats at these booths.  All participants were encouraged to greet customers,  buy, and sell, using Japanese phrases they had learned in their regular curriculum.

The “Super Store” managed by Tomoko Sakamoto-sensei’s JFL high school class offered handmade goods using a timed auction system.  Sayoko Kadowaki’s laminated drawings and Miyuki Lizardo’s character key chains sold quickly among the younger set, while Keizo Pagaduan’s ceramics sold by auction to the highest bidders.   Pagaduan, a junior at Mission Viejo high school who does pottery as a hobby, sold all his wares by the close of business.

This fall Miyuki Lizardo was selected as team leader by her JFL High School peers.  Lizardo said, “It felt good to be nominated, so I wanted to put all of my effort into repeating our performance as the festival’s top seller.”  The Super Store ventured into new services this year with boba milk tea and body painting.

The money generated from the festival booths will be put toward the OCG school field trip fund.  Thank you to households who donated goods and supported the booths, and the students and teachers who organized and staffed this fun marketplace.

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