Kodomo no hi (Children’s Day)

Kodomo no hi

Kodomono-hi (5/5) is a favorite holiday of children in Japan. On this day, we celebrate children’s happiness, health, and growth. Families with boys set up large carp streamers called Koinobori outside their homes to wish for future success. They also display a Japanese armor and helmet inside the house. These are symbols of strength and vitality.

On May 4th, 2019, OCG observed Kodomono-hi (Children’s Day). A majestic black Japanese armor and helmet was displayed on the stage, and students listened to sensei’s explanation of the holiday while attending the morning assembly. During the snack break, Kashiwa mochi (rice cake wrapped in oak leaf and filled with sweet bean paste) was distributed by the event committee. Students enjoyed eating this traditional sweet.

Students commented:
“It was interesting, but the armor and helmet was a little frightening to look at.” (Taisei Nishi)
“Kashiwa mochi was sweet and delicious.” (Rei Ishii)

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